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Commercial curtains and blinds for office spaces

At Aquarius Interiors we understand that being tasked with choosing blinds for an office can be difficult, choosing the perfect blinds for your office requires a lot of careful consideration, there are a lot of different factors to think about, especially compared to finding blinds for a room in your home. Blinds have a large impact on any space, and this is especially true when it comes to a commercial setting. Blinds are the most obvious choice for a smart modern office when it comes to blocking out light, but which types are the best? Here are a few of our tips for choosing blinds for the workplace.

We have said it once before and we will say it again! Office blinds can transform any space, however, many people still tend to overlook this crucial part of their office furnishing. Blinds in offices are needed to keep light out in order to avoid glare so that employees are able to work effectively, as well as to keep the temperature to a minimum, computer glare and heat can be a big issue for both health and efficiency of the team. Functionality is key in any room and when it comes to the workplace, we understand that you want to keep it practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Ease of maintenance is an essential consideration when choosing blinds for the workspace, for this reason, Venetian blinds are typically very popular in offices as they are easy to clean and keep looking fresh. When choosing the blinds, the key consideration should be functionality, the blinds should complement the internal setting and the objects that are surrounding them, while roller blinds, for example, are modern and easy to operate, they range from allowing in sunlight to not allowing any light in at all, whereas Venetian/vertical blinds allow a more subtle light to enter the room.

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    Installing blinds in an office

    • They provide privacy and security as they hide the contents of the room
    • Office blinds eliminate unwanted and work-impacting glare on computers and other screens
    • Closing the blinds prevents a warm, stuffy office as a result of heat from the sun penetrating the windows
    • Some blinds are designed to be energy saving by reducing the need for heating/air conditioning

    Using blinds in your office can help keep the costs of energy down by keeping heat in during the winter or bouncing heat away in the summertime. Meaning that you won’t have to spend as much when it comes to heating charges. You may also pay less for lighting prices as the blinds can be opened to make the most of daylight but then still deliver privacy or block light at the required times. 

    So no matter whether you’re looking for a new set of blinds to complete your office space or looking to add a splash colour and a little bit of creativity with the design of the interior, we can help offer the perfect solution. We can fully manage your project from start to finish, providing a completely personalised service to all of our clients working with you every step of the way, from initial site survey to the design manufacture and installation of your blinds. We understand that every office requires something different and we pride ourselves in catering to your specific needs to make your office the way you wish.

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