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Commercial Electric Curtains

Why have normal curtains when you can have motorised curtains? Electric curtains offer so many benefits for one’s commercial space, making your life that little bit easier. For those with larger windows or windows that are hard to reach electric curtains would be perfect for you. Our electrical blinds have a small motor which opens and closes the selected blinds. You control them either with your mobile phone, a remote control or a wall panel control system. The motors provided are of the highest quality, and as quiet as possible – making our electric blinds perfect for any commercial space, with minimal noise and automatic opening and closing, what else could you want? Here at Aquarius Interiors, we aim to provide electric blinds in a wide variety of colours and patterns to match all requirements – perfect for all office spaces.

Why Should I Purchase Commercial Electric Curtains?

Here at Aquarius Interiors we provide electric curtains of the highest quality, providing a professional, modern and stylish touch to any commercial office space. Our electric curtains either are battery powered or hardwired, it’s up to you. No messing around with a cord, the easy and simple remote can close and open all your curtains at the click of a button. A great option for taller windows that can’t be reached, using one of three control system you can draw the curtains.

If you have many windows in your commercial office space, this is a wonderful option for you. It will make the process of opening and closing your blinds more efficient. There are also many other great features you should know of. One of these features is that you can set your commercial curtains on a timer/schedule, this means that you don’t have to remember to draw them. Great for any office, you can open and close them as you please. Controlling the amount of light in your commercial space, reducing glare on screens and preventing direct sun light dazzling eyes.

How Would I Control the Electric Curtains?

You will be given an important decision when purchasing your electric curtains, deciding on how you would wish to control your office curtains. We offer three choices for controlling the curtains, remote control, a wall mounted panel or using your mobile phone. This choice is up to you, when deciding we recommend you consider all benefits to make sure the choice is the correct one for you. When controlling the curtains from a smartphone you can control them from wherever you are, open them before you get to the office or close them for when you leave. The wall panel will allow employees to close and open curtains when needed, if they have glare on the screens, they will be able to easily stop this by closing or partially closing blinds. The remote is portable, allowing you and employees to use it anywhere in a certain radius of the blinds, making it even easier to use.

What Type of Electric Curtains are Available?

Here at Aquarius Interiors we aim to only provide the best, with the available option to make any of our high-quality curtains motorised. Just pick your favourite curtain type and we will make it automated. Our curtains are available in a variety of colours and patterns, this allows you to make them your own to suit all requirements and styles.

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    Whether it be an office boardroom through to a Dining room on a Cruise ship, Aquarius are there to help. Being an independent company, we can work with all specifications, whether you need us to work with a current specification, rewrite a spec. or advise from the start, we are here to help you deliver the right product at the right budget.

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